Jericho Road Ministries, Inc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help others glorify and enjoy God in their daily lives through meeting their spiritual and material needs. In doing so, our ministry can be described as a temple, home, school, hospital, and lighthouse.

As a temple, Jericho Road Ministries will:

  • offer chapel services that worship God in spirit and truth

  • teach that Jesus Christ is the true source for changed lives

  • minister to people’s minds, hearts, and souls in love

As a home, Jericho Road Ministries will:

  • maintain an atmosphere of Christian love toward all clients

  • design programs that meet a client’s individual needs

  • assist and care for clients in a family atmosphere

As a school, Jericho Road Ministries will:

  • teach the inerrant and infallible truth of Scripture

  • offer onsite GED and other literacy classes

  • offer life skills, job training, accountability, and recovery classes

As a hospital, Jericho Road Ministries will:

  • heal individual hearts through ministries of the Word

  • staff counselors to help meet all clients’ individual needs

  • help clients obtain job, medical, and social service assistance

As a lighthouse, Jericho Road Ministries will:

  • participate in community events to build awareness of client needs

  • set a standard of excellence in Christian ethical behavior — giving glory to God

  • offer tours of our facilities and programs

Our vision for the future includes:

  • a facility to provide recovery programs and shelter services to families

  • greater community awareness of homeless issues and our efforts to improve the lives of those in Hernando County

  • Men’s, women’s, and family shelters for the homeless in Pasco County

  • a shelter program in the inner-city of Tampa and St. Petersburg, both of whom do not have rescue mission operations like Jericho Road Ministries

  • More volunteer workers for our ministry

Rescue Mission

Our Mission

To lovingly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the economically, emotionally, and spiritually impoverished by responding to their basic physical and emotional needs, and by promoting Christian growth as characterized by a productive and changed life.


Statement of Faith

  1. We hold the Bible to be the inerrant and infallible Word of God in its entirety and in every part inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21).

  2. We hold that mankind was created in the image of God, holy and innocent; that of his own free will, sinned and as a result, brought death to all humanity. Those who are not saved from sin are eternally separated from God (Romans 3:23, 5:12, 6:23; John 3:18).

  3. We believe that Jesus Christ is God, born of a virgin; that He gave His life on the cross where He, who knew no sin, was made sin for us; that He was buried and rose again from the dead; that afterward He ascended into Heaven, from where He will come again (John 5:39; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Corinthians 15:4; Acts 2:9-11).

  4. We believe that we are saved by grace through faith, apart from works; that the sinner who repents and personally accepts the finished work of Christ on the cross becomes a child of God, is made a new creature and is indwelt by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 2:8-9; John 1:12; 2 Corinthians 5:17; John 14:17).

  5. We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again for His Church, to establish His kingdom on earth, to judge the wicked and the lost, to cast death and hell into the Lake of Eternal Fire and dwell with the saints for ever and ever (John 14:3; Titus 1:13; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17; Revelations 20:6-15, 22:1-5).

  6. We believe that through the preaching, teaching, and living example of God’s love here at Jericho Road Ministries, men, women, and children will find a life-changing experience. Through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they may have victory over sin, come into fellowship with God, and live a Spirit-filled, fruitful life in Christ. We believe that life in Christ will be reflected in self-sufficient living, responsible working, and loving care for family and friends.


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