Jericho Road Ministries, Inc.
Jericho Road Ministries, Inc.


We help people live more fulfilling lives by meeting their spiritual and material needs. We are a home, a school, and a lighthouse for those seeking change.


Emergency Shelters

Families or individuals in immediate need of place to stay, can find help at one of our shelters. No program commitment is necessary for these short-term stays.

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Recovery Programs

We offer a 36-week recovery program for those seeking life transformation. Individuals who commit to this program receive spiritual mentorship, life classes, job training, and accountability.

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Food Assistance

The Jericho Food Barn provides food to individuals and families in need. Located behind our Women's Shelter, the Food Barn is open on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9:00 AM – 12 noon.

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Stories of Hope


Robbin B.

I entered Jericho Road Ministries three years ago after my 25-year marriage ended in divorce. I lost everything and had to live in my car for two days. I called the Homeless Coalition and they gave me the phone number to Jericho Road Ministries' Women’s Shelter. By 4:00 PM that same day I was a new client at Mary’s House and enrolled in the New Life Program.

Mathew J.

Mathew J.

Matthew first came to Jericho at the age of 19, after his family was tired of giving him chance after chance and seeing nothing in return. But he wasn’t ready to do the work, and instead went back out to his old ways of drinking and acting out. But after his third return to Jericho, he was finally ready to submit to God’s will and do what was needed to become a changed person.


Who we are


Jericho Road Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization located in the greater Tampa Bay area. We provide help to individuals and families in need of shelter and recovery. Our mission is to help them build a life in Christ, reflected in self-sufficiency, a responsible work ethic, and loving care for family and friends.

Our Mission

To lovingly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the economically, emotionally, and spiritually impoverished by responding to their basic physical and emotional needs, and by promoting Christian growth as characterized by a productive and changed life.

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