Mathew J.

Matthew first came to Jericho at the age of 19, after his family was tired of giving him chance after chance and seeing nothing in return. But he wasn’t ready to do the work, and instead went back out to his old ways of drinking and acting out. But after his third return to Jericho, he was finally ready to submit to God’s will and do what was needed to become a changed person.

He tells us that his previous attempts to complete the program were not possible because he “had no direction and didn’t yet have Jesus in his heart.” Through the FIT program, he was able to earn his GED and gain important life and relationship skills in the process. Before coming to Jericho, he described himself as an “angry, selfish person who used to lie to get what he wanted.” But not anymore. Now he describes himself as having a “humbled spirit that cares for others.” He tells us, “If I could give everything I have to someone just to show them the hope that Jesus has shown me, I’d do it.”

Mathew now works for the ministry at the Jericho Road Thrift Stores.