Jericho Road Ministries, Inc.

Recovery Programs

We receive people daily at our Rescue Missions. Check our intake hours here though it's always a good idea to call ahead to ensure there's space. We only ask that anyone seeking lodging at one of our facilities is not under the influence of alcohol.

For those wishing to enter our longer-term New Life Program, an admissions interview is required. We determine admission to this program on an individual basis.

Vocational Track

This nine month standard recovery program focuses on building practical skills. The goal is to enable individuals to re-establish themselves within the community. We provide support to get them back on their feet: dependable transportation and a furnished place to live.

Academic Track

This six month program is a supplement to our vocational standard recovery program. Many of our clients want to further their education and we help to support them in their pursuit. Whether it's completing a college and/or trade school curriculum. Call us to learn more about this program and its requirements.

Men's Shelter

"I should have been in prison or dead with the lifestyle I was living. I thank God for directing me to Jericho Road Ministries. I would never have done this on my own.

…I am learning how to take responsibility in my life and learning to be the person God intended me to be…"

— Lee S., New Life Program Graduate


New Life Program 


Our New Life Program is a path towards transformation. Our clients graduate with a renewed sense of purpose in life and a deeper relationship with God.

Before beginning this long-term program, clients first go through transitional and probation phases. Transient individuals who have stayed at one of our shelters for at least three consecutive nights may also join the program. As clients they will enter the transitional phase. Afterwards, there are three main phases of the program, each lasting 12 weeks.

  • Transitional Phase (1–30 days)

This is a time of transition for clients, from the lives they were leading, to their new life within the program. Our clients receive help building life skills such as cooking and cleaning. They also attend bible studies and addiction/recovery classes.

  • Probation phase (4+ weeks)

Adjusting to a new way of living can be challenging so we give clients at least four weeks in this probation phase. During this time they focus on keeping to the ministry standards and the program requirements. Clients also continue to take part in the introductory classes and counseling.

  • Phase 1

In this first phase, clients continue addiction/recovery classes, go to bible studies and receive counseling. They also attend chapel services and life management classes. Community service/work therapy is a big part of this phase. Clients spend four hours a day doing tasks that help build job skills. Dependability, integrity, independence and development are the goals.

At the end of Phase One, clients graduate having completed their classes, opened a financial account, and found part-time work.

  • Phase 2

While our clients have part-time work during Phase Three, they still take part in their regular program activities. This includes morning devotions, addiction/recovery classes, bible studies and church services. Counseling is also ongoing. At least four hours of daily community service/work therapy helps clients with financial planning to pay fees, fines and debts.

  • Phase 3

To enter Phase Three, clients must have obtained full-time employment (40 Hours/week). Regular program activities continue, including counseling and church attendance. Community service/work therapy hours decrease to at least eight hours a week. The main focus for clients in this phase is spiritual growth and meeting their program objectives. This includes beginning preparations for independent housing, transportation, and cost of living budgeting.

Clients graduate from this phase and from the entire program with a diploma recognizing their achievement.


If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to us to find out how Jericho Road Ministries can be of service.