The Shelters

Helping those in need.

As a rescue mission, Jericho Road Ministries will provide up to 3 nights monthly of emergency shelter to the homeless men and women in our area. We also offer a 36-week Rehabilitation Program that is designed to assist men and women in the recovery and healing of their lives, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. We believe that a relationship, as defined by the Word of God, with Jesus Christ is the central focus to their recovery.

Client Bible Study

Client Bible Study

We provide not only shelter, but a structured program for men and women who are in need of getting their life back on the right track. Through spiritual mentorship, life classes and accountability, the men and women submit themselves to a 9-11 month program, in order to regain what they have lost through drug and alcohol abuse and poor choices.

Shelter Program

For a detailed description of this program, click here.

Intake Procedures

Men and women are received daily at the Rescue Missions for lodging between the hours of 4:00PM and 9:00PM. Anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to enter the facility.
Sunday assistance must be prearranged by 3:00PM Saturday. People interested in our Recovery Program must contact the Shelter Director by phone or in person for an admissions interview. Admission requirements are determined on an individual basis.

Client Program Tracks

Vocational Track
Standard 9 month Mission Recovery Program that enables a client to re-establish themselves within the community with a full-time job, dependable transportation and a furnished place to live.

Academic Track
This 6 month track is done in addition to our Standard Recovery Program. It is an educational program designed to meet the client’s goals as they pursue the completion of a College and/or Trade School curriculum. See Shelter Director for further requirements.