Ministry Chaplain

Pastor Andrew Chamberlin
Executive Director/Ministry Chaplain

As the new Executive Director/Ministry Chaplain I want to introduce myself and share a bit of where I believe God might be taking us as a ministry. First, I am Andrew Chamberlin. I am 33 years old and I have been saved since I was five. I grew up in a great Christian family where Jesus was loved, the Bible was read and church was important. I have been married to the love of my life, Michelle, for the past 11 years. She was my high school sweetheart and has been ever since. We have three beautiful children together, Bailey, seven; Beckett, three; and Banks, two.  We love the life that God has built for us.

I sensed a call to ministry when I was a teenager and from that point onward I knew that I would give my life to loving Christ and serving people full time. I prepared for ministry by studying at Liberty University and obtaining a Masters of Divinity and Masters of Business Administration. During this time, I also became the Young Adult Pastor for Beulah Baptist Church. I served there five years and saw God do some great things.

Eventually the time came for us to move, and in 2012 I became the Lead Pastor of Youngstown Metro Church in Youngstown, Ohio.  Moving there, I began to see in a new way the dire need of the homeless and those suffering from addiction. God led me, while pastoring Metro, to the Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission to serve in a myriad of ways. During this time God was confirming my call to serve “the least of these” and echo his words from Luke 4:18–19. So, after nearly six years of serving at Metro, God called me to Jericho Road Ministries on August 1, 2018.

I am thrilled to be here. I love getting to know the staff, the clients and the community partners. It is exciting to see the passion so many have for Jesus and his work here. It makes me think that great days are ahead. We are blessed to have had such an exceptional, godly leader as Rev. Bruce Gimbel who pioneered God’s work here for twenty years. As well, we are blessed to have a board who loves Jesus, loves the ministry and wants nothing but the best for the ministry. It is an exciting time for us all.

So, what’s next? First, we must continue our strong tradition of standing firm on God’s Word. We cannot change our principles nor change our belief that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that makes a person new. Second, we must continue loving people well as Jesus would. We have to stay committed to the idea that we are here to serve the impoverished among us. Third, we need to get the word out to as many who will hear and help create allies for Jericho Road Ministries. We want to raise awareness and support for this beloved ministry so that we can serve well. Last, we need to be prayerful for all that is next. There are many people to serve and many ways to help them, and we desire to partner with God where he is moving us. The only way to get there is through prayer. So, will you join us in prayer for God’s direction for Jericho Road Ministries?

Now, that I’ve introduced myself a bit, I would love to get to know you. Please, if you see me out in town or at your church, say hello. Or if you want to visit our offices or any of the Jericho Thrift Stores to see what we are about, I would love to meet you. And may we continue to press toward the high mark of Jesus together.